Night Hums brings a unique form of genre clashing to breed a fresh sound. With melodic synth work, driving guitar sections, and pop sensibility, the record boasts the aesthetic of electro rock anthems.”


Night Hums is the brainchild of songwriter / performer Toby Valmas. Having a long time love affair with music, the multi-instrumentalist had always written his own material and finally decided to take things a few steps further. Recruiting long time friends Brandon Heim, Carlos Rivas, and Dallas Ware to perform guitars, bass, and drums on the songs, and together fleshed out multiple singles and EP's. This was not the first time the they had played music together so the flow was there from the start. 

Night Hums is currently writing their first full length album while continuing to perform and deliver new content. 

EP Press Release

With the release of their self titled EP, Night Hums brings a unique form of genre clashing to breed freshness from familiar sounds. Laced with melodic synth work, driving guitar sections, and tons of pop sensibility, the record boasts the aesthetic of electro rock anthems. Although the songs can be diverse from one another, there is a glue that holds them together like any concept album would. 

The current single, “Night Drives”, grabs you with its neo vintage 80’s sound, followed by its ability to cross over into a track you might here in a major pop station in the future. With memorable vocal melodies, and musical swells, the song seems to breathe as it plays on. 

“The song is about the times I would drive to my fiancé’s college to try and muster up the courage to tell her how I felt about her. At the time we weren't together yet and I would find myself constantly turning around halfway there due to me being a complete chicken. But eventually I would make it and I almost didn't believe it was actually happening. I would take these drives at night into Baltimore City, hence the title of the song.” explains songwriter Toby Valmas of the single. 

Although the single does speak volumes for the EP, to get a real understanding for where Night Hums is coming from, it should be heard in its entirety. 

“Making this record has helped set up the foundation for what Night Hums will build upon. I really love these songs and will always reflect on them going forward to help steer future releases in the right direction, while also trying to stay fresh.” says Valmas of the songwriting process. 

As Valmas himself describes, “A lot of what makes up ‘Night Drives’ you will find in other Night Hums songs. The overall vibe is one that we like to hover around. The blending of synth soundscapes and memorable guitar riffs, with synth bass lines that push the song forward. Combining live drums with vintage drum machine sounds; a theme of young love, and a nostalgic grip.” 

“Night Hums” is available for streaming and downloads on most major digital outlets, and the duo is already working on new material for upcoming releases.